Your perfect getaway!

Treat yourself, your family and friends to an extra-large serving of holiday fun. Comfortably furnished rooms with 6 beds and baby cot offer plenty of space to several persons for a relaxing holiday. In the kitchen equipped with wood oven, you will succeed in making so many dishes - most appropriately freshly prepared with Burgenland ingredients.

Those not in the mood for cooking will be taken care of by the neighbouring wine tavern with all sorts of delicacies. In the cosy parlour it tastes just perfect! The flat screen television provides crystal clear entertainment during the evening. Or you can simply spend the night hours at the bar.

A natural highlight is the huge, beautifully designed garden with picturesque lawn. Here you can really enjoy the Pannonian atmosphere of our holiday chalet in the Burgenland style. A fire crackles on the brick barbecue while you pour Burgenland wine into glasses in the gazebo. Pure joy of life! The best: you do not disturb anyone during your garden party - because our holiday chalet has no immediate neighbours.